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When Is Selling Your Rental Property Better Than Keeping It?

So your here, probably wondering ….

“When should I sell my rental property in Jacksonville FL or is it even possible to still make it out of my investment property.. alive? “

If you’re tired of all the hassle of being a landlord, selling your rental property might be a better idea than keeping it. Sometimes even having a property manager for your rental property doesn’t guarantee your free from dealing with tenants or the late night repair requests. Sometimes the idea of your Jacksonville-area rental properties bringing you a no-hassle profit every month and being a landlord doesn’t have all the glamour the idea had when you first bought your property. Good Thing you found us! We buy rental properties with tenants!

Do Any of These Situations Apply to Your Rental Property?

Tenant trouble?

You have another job, but your tenants seem to think you have nothing to do but change their lightbulbs. You gave them a break on the monthly rent because they seemed like they’d take good care of your property — but they expect champagne service on a beer budget. You just can’t take it anymore.

Or, on the other hand, you might have taken a chance on a hard-luck case. Now they’re behind on rent, and you’re bleeding out cash every month on your investment. And all the government’s easing up on tenancy rules during the peak of the pandemic certainly didn’t help. You ask them when they think they can pay. Crickets.

Need to sell rental due to tenant troubles

Negative Cash Flow?

Sell rental property Orange Park FL

Maybe your rental property in Jacksonville FL made sense on paper or seemed like great deal at the time. But now your property has required substantial repairs or you can’t find a reliable renter who’ll pay consistently. All of these challenges are leading you to pull money out of your pocket each month just to pay the mortgage on your investment property and your in the red each month. Suddenly your not make any money and you’re about out of options. Negative cash flow does not to contribute to long term wealth, it only puts you in the poor house.

Depreciation Benefits About to Run Out?

Free money from your rental? From the IRS? “Sure, I’m in,” you thought. You loved the idea of getting a tax break on the wear and tear on your property. Especially because you thought the property’s value would go up.

But it didn’t. Rental property depreciation benefits are great while they last. Before you bought your rental, you read about all the tax advantages you could get along with all the money you’d rake in from your rental property in Jacksonville FL. Now, the useful life of 27.5 years has comes and all of those depreciation benefits on your rental are about to run out. If something doesn’t happen soon, you’re going to find that “sure bet” has turned into a losing proposition.

Rental portofolio buyer jacksonville fl

Expensive Repairs on the Horizon?

Jacksonville FL and nearby Neptune Beach FL aren’t cheap places to own rental property. One of the biggest expenses a rental property owner faces is major repairs. From the storms the area battles to the salty ocean air, the weather can do a number on a house or apartment.

Major items like your rental property’s roof, air conditioner, plumbing, and foundation will have an average life expectancy and come up for repair at some point. What a major hassle it can be to manage contractors and repairs. Not to mention your tenant’s complaints while living in the property, if they are even paying rent.

Sure, you can hire a real estate agent to sell your rental property! Be she will demand that you get everything repaired — and do some many updates to appeal to millennials. And, she plans to march new buyers through your property, spooking your current tenants. Seriously?

Welcome to rental property ownership and its hassles. It takes a ton of time and money to maintain your property, manage your tenants, and find new ones when yours move out.

How We Buy Rental Properties in Jacksonville FL

We purchase rental properties and even a portfolio of rentals (performing or non-performing) in an easy– three step process! Don’t worry about repairs, real estate commissions or tenants! We make it easy to get sell your rentals quickly! Get an offer that is all cash, absolutely free, hassle-free without any obligation. Just fill in our GET YOUR CASH OFFER NOW form or give us a call at (904) 201-9881.

Step One-
Contact Us- Call Jax Nurses Buy Houses at (904) 201-9881 or fill in our Get My Fair Cash Offer Now form. Our team collects info about your rental property and condition to make our highest and best offer.

Step Two-
Get our Highest & Best, CASH Offer! We make an honest, transparent cash offer. No obligation, free, AS-IS offer based on comps. No mortgage or appraisal contingency.

Step Three-
Close On Your Time, you pick the closing date! Collect your cash in days, not months. No realtor commission, no open houses, and no repairs! Find out about our “super-easy” closing process.

Get a guaranteed cash offer for your house

The Sane Alternative for Stressed-Out Rental Property Owners

But there’s a way to get out of your rental property dilemma. And it doesn’t take a real estate agent, fancy updates, or finding that dream tenant.

It takes a nurse. Or, rather, a group of them that have a passion not only for healing patients, but for healing houses that need a bit of TLC.

We’re Jax Nurses Buy Houses, a team of medical professionals that turned their passion for renovation into a business that helps rental property owners rid themselves of problem properties. We can take that albatross off your hands for a fair price and turn it into a welcoming home for someone else.

In other words, we can heal your house’s hurt. And help you toss that anxiety monster that keeps you up at night into the pit where he belongs.

If you have questions about the selling your rental property or are looking to receive a free and fair cash offer on your rental portfolio or non-performing rental, give us a call at 904-201-9881 or click the get my cash offer now below. We do all the hard work, and you can kiss your hassles goodbye. Jax Nurses Buy Houses guarantees a cash offer without repairs or realtor commissions, where you select the date of closing and is fast and hassle-free.

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