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Selling Your House with Liens – Whats your Best Option?

So your here, probably wondering ….

“What do you do when you have a lien against your property and you want to sell? Or Perhaps your wondering if you can even sell your house with liens attached? “

You may wonder, Why could selling your house with liens be your best option? Whether you owe the government for back taxes, a hospital for medical bills, or something else, chances are that your creditor has placed a lien on your house. Below, we will discuss examples of liens placed against real estate properties and consider how the effect selling your home in Jacksonville FL.

What is a Lien & Who Can Place Against My Home

When you take a loan from a bank that is secured by property such as a car, boat, or house the Creditor will place a lien against the real property or asset. If you default on the loan to the Creditor, typically they will repossess and sell the property to recapture any of their losses. If there still is a remaining balance owed, these Creditors can then obtain a judgement and or property lien which can be attached to non-homestead real estate property in the State of Florida. It’s important to understand that all liens will cloud title on your home and can come from a wide variety of source including the Government and Contractors which we will discuss below:

can you sell your home liens?

Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Liens

IRS liens against your house jacksonville fl

IRS liens: If you owe back taxes to the IRS, the agency can not only garnish a part of your wages, but they can also place a lien against your house. In fact, if they think that you won’t make enough to pay them the entire amount, they can actually force you to sell your property. Estates, too, are subject to these liens. Until you pay your loved one’s tax bill, the lien remains.

Judgment Liens

florida judgment against home jacksonville fl

Judgment liens: If you owe creditors for past medical bills, a personal loan, or even old credit card bills, your creditors have the right to sue you for the amount you owe. If they win, the court might award them lien rights to your property, including any houses you owe. When you sell your house, you must pay back the creditor before the sale can go through.

Florida Contractors’ Liens

how does contractor lien effect home sale

Mechanics’ or contractors’ liens: Let’s say that you had a contractor do some work or repairs to your home, but then you couldn’t come up with the money to pay her for your work. In Florida, the company that did the work can take out a lien on your property. To enforce the lien, the company must sue you. If they win, they can actually force you to sell your house.

Child Support Liens 

child support liens attached to home in florida

Child support liens: When a parent refuses to pay – or can’t pay – the child support they owe the custodial parent, the court can take out a lien on any property the parent owns. If the parent doesn’t resolve the situation, the court can sell the property to provide support to the children involved.

Demolition Liens or Nuisance Liens

options to sell home with demolition or nuisance lien against real estate

Demolition liens: The City of Jacksonville has the right to demolish any building that is in such poor condition that it poses a risk to its neighbors or residents. If the property owner doesn’t pay for the demolition, the city can place a lien for the demolition costs on that or other properties the building’s owner has.

Nuisance liens: Since the Jacksonville area attracts a lot of tourists and wealthy part-time residents, the city government is quite strict about keeping things tidy. If you ignore warnings to fix broken windows, corral your garbage or other debris, or even mow tall grass, the city can place a lien on your property. If you don’t pay to get rid of the lien and clean up the mess, the city can force you to sell or demolish any buildings on the property.

Property Tax Liens

Property tax liens: If you’re in serious arrears on paying your property taxes, Florida’s state government can sell a tax lien certificate on the property in question to an investor, who makes money from the interest that accrues if you don’t pay on the lien. If you don’t pay, eventually in two years, the government will hold a public auction (tax deed auction) to recoup the money you owe on your property taxes.

Selling Your House to an Investor for Fast Cash

No matter what type of lien is on your house, your creditors can seize your non-homestead property and sell it, usually for way less than you could have gotten for it on your own. For that reason, selling your lien-encumbered house can often be your best choice.

But it gets worse. If you try to sell the house on your own through a real estate agent, the lien only adds to your hassles. Along with having potential buyers traipse through the house, driving you or your renters crazy, the lien itself can make your deal fall through. And then there are the fees.

In addition, you’re not likely to sell it right away, especially when it has a lien on it. That means that for every month your house is on the market, you’ll pay for utilities and taxes – all which add up to a huge chunk of change over time.

Sounds like a hopeless situation. But it’s not. When you sell your house to investors, the investors can take care of the property’s liens for you. Just think, no more creditors breathing down your back. No more fears about the city stepping in and tearing down your house.

Just cash in your pocket. We can help. Learn how you can sell your house with liens. Get in touch with the Jax Nurses Buy Houses today!

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