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Selling Your Home with Mold is no EASY task!

So your here, probably wondering ….

“How do I sell my house with mold? Or can you even sell your mold infested house?”

Many homeowners have the same question about selling their mold infested house in Jacksonville FL. Can all of the mold be found on inspection? Can the mold in your home be remediated? What are the negative health affects of mold and what will it cost to repair are among other questions homeowners have when facing a mold problem in a home they are looking to sell. Below is a list of points to consider with thinking about selling a mold infested home.

How Hard Is Selling a House With Mold?

How hard is selling a house with mold? Let’s put it this way: How many of you would buy a house that has a 21 percent chance of giving you or a family member asthma?

Or one that had anywhere from a 30 to 50 percent chance of giving you not only asthma but also one of a whole variety of respiratory disorders.

I didn’t think so. Not only are we in real estate, but we are nurses as well. Believe me, when you’ve watched patients suffer from respiratory ailments, you’d do anything you could to prevent others from getting these exacerbation of symptoms.

According to two EPA studies, though, building mold and dampness can increase your likelihood of having asthma or another respiratory disease by those exact percentages. That’s why selling a house with mold is a tough sell at best; at worst, it puts your buyers at risk for health issues. Better yet, if you know about mold in your house you have a duty to disclose to the Buyer.

can you sell your home with mold

What’s the Big Deal? Can’t You Clean House Mold with Clorox?

can you clean up mold to sell your home?

Yes, household chlorine bleach can remove some of the external signs of mold. However, the insidious nature of mold is its ability to spread, unbeknownst to homeowners.

Even if you douse the tiles around your bathtub and that nasty area behind your toilet with chlorine bleach every week, the real damage goes on behind the scenes. Mold can get into little cracks you can’t even see, traveling behind the walls to grow unimpeded.

Not only that, but black mold — the most dangerous kind of house mold — can grow unseen on your fine hardwood floors, behind your wallpaper, and even on that pricey fiberboard siding. Other types of mold prefer to grow in your insulation, drywall, carpeting, and window frames.

Spaces without adequate ventilation or ones with excess humidity are the most vulnerable to mold infestations. Your bathrooms, basement, crawlspace, and attic are all vulnerable, especially if you don’t have adequate ventilation.

Here in Jacksonville FL, the humidity and heat provide area houses with nearly the perfect environment to grow mold. And, if it’s been growing for a while, it can even threaten the structural integrity of your house.

No buyer wants that. If it’s in your house, few buyers will chance making an offer on yours.

Mold Infestations Make It Difficult for Buyers to Get a Loan

It’s not impossible to sell a house with mold, but you’ll have to shell out some major money for mold remediation for potential buyers to qualify for a loan. Let’s face it — most potential buyers won’t be able to make a cash offer once they know there is mold in your home.

To sell it, you’ll either have to lose a lot of money on remediation or even worse, losing more money tearing it down and selling the lot.

Mold remediation requires a lot more than a “spray and pray” approach. You might even need to completely revamp your house’s ventilation system, particularly in areas that attract moisture, such as bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens.

Not only that, but you might even need to replace drywall and wallpaper and then paint over it with mold-resistant paint. It gets worse if the mold is underneath a vulnerable exterior, such as stucco or fiberboard.

The only way to get rid of it is by killing the current infestation with potent fungicides and preventing new infestations by replacing the damaged areas. Then, you’ll need to document the mold remediation and confirm that you have taken care of the problem with a home inspection.

Selling Your House AS-IS, Without Any Repairs

Any way you go, you’ll be spending a lot of money to clean up mold and remediate the issue. But there is another way.

At Jax Nurses Buy Houses, you’ll find a whole team of medical professionals with a keen interest in buying, repairing, and selling houses that need a little extra love. Especially those with mold! You sell your house AS-IS without any repairs. Using an AS-IS contract, you are relieved of any risk or liability in selling your house with mold.

We’ll offer you a fair price on your house with mold, leaving you a pocketful of cash and a ton of worries lifted off your shoulders. Get your house with mold… sold! Contact us today for your cash offer!

How We Buy Houses with Mold in Jacksonville FL

We buy homes that have mold in an easythree step process! Don’t worry about mold remediation, repairs, or real estate fees! We make it easy to sell your mold infested house so you can move on without worry! Get an offer that is all cash, absolutely free, hassle-free without any obligation. Just fill in our GET YOUR CASH OFFER NOW form or give us a call at (904) 201-9881.

Step One-
Contact Us- Call Jax Nurses Buy Houses at (904) 201-9881 or fill in our Get My Fair Cash Offer Now form. Our team collects info about your moldy house and condition to make our highest and best offer.

Step Two-
Get our Highest & Best, CASH Offer! We make an honest, transparent cash offer. No obligation, free, AS-IS offer based on comps. No mortgage or appraisal contingency.

Step Three-
Close On Your Time, you pick the closing date! Collect your cash in days, not months. No realtor commission, no open houses, and no repairs! Find out about our “super-easy” closing process.

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Still Considering Selling Your House With Mold ?

We have helped a number of homeowners sell their home in need of repair or with mold. It’s important for you to know that we are Nurses and we help people! From the moment you decide to speak with us, you will experience cash home buyers that are honest, transparent, experienced, and trustworthy.

If you have questions about selling your houses with mold or are looking to receive a free and fair cash offer, give us a call at 904-201-9881 or click the get my cash offer now below. Jax Nurses Buy Houses guarantees a cash offer without repairs or realtor commissions, where you select the date of closing and is fast and hassle-free.

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