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We’ll make you a CASH offer! We’ll come to your house and you will receive our no-obligation and completely free fair cash offer for your property. Our AS-IS, CASH OFFER will save you thousands on closing and realtor fees.

You pick the closing date! If you accept our offer, you home is as good as SOLD! We will open an escrow account with a local attorney and close on a date you are comfortable with. Close STAT or in a couple weeks- you choose!

How Do I Sell My House? That’s a great question! You’ve read our easy three step process. As most Sellers we work with, You may want to know how we calculate our fast fair cash offer for your house.

How we calculate our offer (Determine the Value when you want to sell your house)

Jax Nurses Buy Houses calculates offers in a very simple way when your looking to sell your home.

We research property values, estimate cost of renovations, and determine the best use of the house- flip or rental.

Property Value Research: We search sold, active, and expired comparable houses nearby. We compare the major aspects such as the size of lot, year constructed, square footage, construction type, and any nearby amenties. Considering the type of sale is also important, such as short sale, foreclosure, on or off market sales.

Estimate Renovation Cost: We look at major repair items, the big stuff such as roof, heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, and foundation. These repairs are typically determined on a cost per square foot basis. More updates equal higher cost per square foot.

Calculations: Jax Nurses Buy Houses buys a house to either flip or hold in our private portfolio of rentals. Objective factors we consider for a flip are repairs, demand, carrying and holding cost, and re-sale price. Objective factors we consider for a rental include market rents, appreciation, and area vacancy rates.

Unfortunately, Price is NOT all that matters when you select to accept an offer. Verbal offers are typically unenforceable and written “too good to be true high priced” offers only waste your valuable time.

You should carefully examine who your Buyer is! Inquire about their reputation and past deals. Look online for testimonials and evaluate their social media and online reputation.

In addition to finding out who your buyer is when deciding to accept an offer, you should evaluate terms of your contract. Important contract terms to consider are inspection and appraisal contingencies, number of days allowed to complete inspections, type of funds (cash or financing), and the amount placed in escrow deposit.

Now that you have an idea of factors to consider, lets see the numbers in action.

It’s NOT all about price. Contract terms MATTER! Considering TERMS is often times more important than PRICE. Your typical buyer will make an offer with a 15 day inspection period (wood destroy organisms, mold, home inspection(s)) with both financing and appraisal contigencies. If you make it to the next step, the Buyer and even the Buyer’s lender can request repairs identified in inspections and appraisal be completed prior to closing. If you do not agree to make the repairs, the Buyer can walk away and keep their escrow deposit too!

Hypothetical Scenario:

Subject Property:
7942 Galveston Street

  1. Our Property Value Research determines the after repair value (ARV) of your house with repairs need to bring to current market standards. This will provide a starting point for our offer.
  2. Estimated (ARV) $185,333
  3. Our renovation cost estimate determined the roof would need repair because of leaks and the kitchen and bathroom were both outdated and functionally obsolescent needing updating. The interior needed to be repainted.
  4. Estimated Renovation Cost $32,750
  5. Lastly, we used our flip factors and therefore analyzed local demand, carrying and holding cost, and necessary investor profit for risk taking.
  6. Investor profit/Carrying & Holding Cost $46,333.25
  7. Our CASH Offer $106,244.75

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Whats important to understand is every situation is unique and factors can be different. While the above is not a hard and fast rule, we can at times offer more or less depending on circumstances.

As frustrating as this sounds, this is REAL LIFE! Jax Nurses Buy Houses has worked with many sellers after other buyers have walked away or backed out at the last minute.

How do you sell your house to Jax Nurses Buy Houses