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Why Selling a House in Divorce Might Be Your Best Option!

So your here, probably wondering ….

“When do I sell my house during a divorce? Do I have to wait to sell my house before my divorce is finalized? Do you fight for it? “

Many have the same question, regarding selling their house during a divorce in Jacksonville. All while juggling a thousand emotions flooding your stressed-out brain. We have put together some ideas to consider with your Jacksonville FL home while in divorce? Let’s look at all the options before you decide if selling your house to an investor is the best move to make.

Consider the Emotional Dimensions of Divorce

First of all, there are a ton of expenses involved in a divorce. If it’s a contentious one, double or triple those expenses. The more you fight, the more the lawyers grab all those assets you and your soon to be ex-spouse worked so hard to accumulate.

Did you ever consider selling your house in divorce and pocketing the money to help pay your attorney bills and court costs – and to help you get off to a new start? After all, even if you sell your house, there’s a chance that one of you can buy it back after all the dust settles, if one of you has an emotional attachment to it.

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One Spouse Keeps the House

Selling your house in divorce Orange Park FL

The spouse that wants to keep the house would need to make payments by himself or herself until the divorce becomes final. However, if the mortgage is held jointly, the spouse that doesn’t want the house still is responsible for payments until the day the marriage officially ends in divorce.

If the spouse that wants to keep the house defaults on their payments during that time, the bank will still hold the other party responsible. Not only can that throw a wrench in the works in an otherwise smooth legal proceeding, but it can also wreck the credit of the person that didn’t even want the house.

Selling the House and Splitting the Proceeds

Usually, selling the house is the most beneficial strategy when you get a divorce. Not only does it get rid of all the emotional baggage associated with the marital home, but it also makes dividing debt and assets much easier. This can be accomplished one of two ways, with a real estate agent or selling to an investor.

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List Your House with a Real Estate Agent

Although this option is usually the first option divorcing spouses think of, it pays to look at all the implications of listing your house. First, you and your spouse (or ex-spouse) will need to sign an agreement with the real estate broker to give them exclusive rights to sell the property.

The process can last anywhere from a month to over a year, depending on the market and the condition of your house. Listing requires you to open up your already-chaotic home situation to prospective buyers, property stagers (who rearrange your furniture to better appeal to buyers), appraisers, inspectors, and others. It can be a challenge – even overwhelming – for a family already in emotional turmoil. Buyers show up at the most inconvenient times, usually, when you’re in the middle of a shouting match with your soon-to-be ex. It’s a bit of a turnoff to buyers, to say the least. Not to mention, an embarrassment to you, just when you need privacy the most.

Given the Buyer’s request for financing contingencies and repair/upgrades sometimes its best to sell to your home to an investor during a divorce just to move on with your life.

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Selling Your House to an Investor for Fast Cash

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Fortunately for divorcing couples that want to sell their home during divorce, there is an alternative to listing your house with an agency. Investors – like the team at Jax Nurses Buy Houses – don’t require any repairs, don’t usually need an appraisal, and won’t bring an army of prospects to march through your house.

With us, we’ll accept your house as-is, make a cash offer, and close whenever you’re ready. And, when we sell your house to its next buyer, we donate a portion of our profits to medical research in the greater Jacksonville FL area.

You’ll have cash in your pocket; your family will have fewer interruptions, and you’ll have the peace of mind that the end of your marriage helped out someone struggling with injury or disease. You have enough on your plate if you’re going through a divorce. Let us take some of that stress away by buying your house. Contact us for your free, no-obligation cash offer today!

How We Buy Houses During Divorce in Jacksonville FL

We purchase homes from spouses in divorce in an easythree step process! Don’t worry about repairs, real estate commissions, or showing your house to buyers! We make it easy to sell your house during a divorce quickly so you can move on with your life! Get an offer that is all cash, absolutely free, hassle-free without any obligation. Just fill in our GET YOUR CASH OFFER NOW form or give us a call at (904) 201-9881.

Step One-
Contact Us- Call Jax Nurses Buy Houses at (904) 201-9881 or fill in our Get My Fair Cash Offer Now form. Our team collects info about your home and condition to make our highest and best offer.

Step Two-
Get our Highest & Best, CASH Offer! We make an honest, transparent cash offer. No obligation, free, AS-IS offer based on comps. No mortgage or appraisal contingency.

Step Three-
Close On Your Time, you pick the closing date! Collect your cash in days, not months. No realtor commission, no open houses, and no repairs! Find out about our “super-easy” closing process.

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Still Considering Selling Your House During Your Divorce ?

We have helped countless homeowners sell their homes during and after divorce. We understand it is a stressful time to try and sell your home while splitting with your soon to be ex-significant other. We can even buy your houses after you have a divorce agreement in place. Know that we are Nurses- We help people and from the moment you decide to speak with us- you will experience cash home buyers that are honest, transparent, experienced, and trustworthy.

If you have questions about selling your houses during the divorce process or are looking to receive a free and fair cash offer, give us a call at 904-201-9881 or click the get my cash offer now below. Jax Nurses Buy Houses guarantees a cash offer without repairs or realtor commissions, where you select the date of closing and is fast and hassle-free.

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