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How to Sell a House that Need Repairs In Jacksonville FL?

So your here, probably wondering ….

“Can I sell my Jacksonville house that needs repairs before selling? How do I sell a house in need of repairs in Jacksonville FL?

Many Jacksonville FL homeowners struggle with these same questions when considering to selling a home that needs repair. There are plenty of solutions that come to most people’s minds. First, you could pay to fix all the major repairs (expensive) and have a real estate agent whine that you still haven’t updated it well enough (darn millennials). You could, of course, try to talk to a Jacksonville real estate agent to sell it as-is. Or, you could just eat the loss, pay to have it torn down, and sell the lot. Let’s look at all the options or hassles below to decide on your best move to make.

Hire an Expert – or Go DIY – to Handle House Repairs

Let’s look at the first idea. If your house needs major repairs like a new roof ($12-15K), a plumbing overhaul ($6k), new wiring throughout ($7k), foundation repair(+$25k) or new ductwork for a updated HVAC system ($3k), you’re looking at a lot of money ($$$$$).

And, even if you go ahead and spend the money, the costs of repairs can easily eclipse any profit you stand to make for the sale. Worse yet, it could put you in the hole – and you’d have to take out a loan to pay for the repairs.

And, then, there are real estate agents. Most of them don’t want to bother with selling houses without all the modern bells and whistles. So, to meet most of their demands, you’d have to lay out even more cash.

Quartz countertops. The whole interior painted in today’s trendiest color. Recessed lighting everywhere. Money you probably don’t have – or want to spend on repairing something you don’t plan to live in.

You could lose your shirt – and then some. Unless the house is worth a heck of a lot of money, it’s usually not a wise investment of your life’s savings. Or your time, if you go the DIY route. Sometimes it is not worth fixing up house to sell.

selling your house with roof leak in jacksonville fl

selling your house needing major foundation repair in jacksonville fl

Have a Real Estate Agent Sell Your House As-Is in Jacksonville FL

selling a house in poor condition jacksonville fl

There might be some Jacksonville-area real estate agents who will try to sell your house as-is. However, properties that need major roof, electrical, foundation, plumbing or AC repairs typically don’t qualify for conventional or government financing (That’s a major sticking point).

That problem puts you in a double bind. Most people won’t be able to buy your house for cash. If they can’t get a loan, they can’t buy your house. Unless a potential buyer has the cash to buy and repair your house, you’re out of luck.

And — those buyers who can pay cash won’t want to tie up their money in repairs, so they’ll be likely to move on to a more move-in ready home. Unfortunately, whatever agent you hire will be more than happy to show them such a home.

Tear Down Those Walls

Finally, if the costs of repairs or the hassle of selling a home in poor repair exceed what you can afford or more than what the property is worth, you can always tear down the house and sell the lot. However, that option, too, costs money.

Tear-down costs aren’t cheap. In fact, the money you’ll make from selling the lot sometimes won’t even cover the costs of knocking down the house.

how to sell an old house that needs work jacksonville fl

There’s a Better Way to Sell a House That Needs Repairs in Jacksonville FL

So, what’s a Jacksonville FL property owner to do? There’s a fourth alternative that doesn’t involve real estate agents and their granite counter-tops or getting your hands dirty DIY style in repairs.

When you sell your house to Jax Nurses Buy Houses, you’ll get a fair price without the losses you’ll incur making the repairs, selling as-is with a real estate agent, or tearing down the house and selling the lot.

Yes, you read our company’s name correctly. Not only have we helped repair our patients’ bodies as nurses, but we’re now putting our healing talents to work repairing houses all over the Jacksonville FL area.

In fact, this had become our second passion. We’ve become experts in identifying building’s structural issues, repairing them, and getting them on the market as affordable homes in the community.

That’s where you come in. We’ll be happy to relieve you of the burden of selling a house that needs too many repairs to make it worth your time and money. And, not only will you get a fair price – in cash and lightning-fast. You’ll also know that part of the money we’ll make when we sell will go toward research and medical care for people in the Jacksonville FL area. Get in touch with our team for your cash offer today!

How We Buy Houses Needing Major Repairs in Jacksonville FL

We purchase homes that need repair in an easythree step process! Don’t worry about fixing the roof, foundation, air conditioner, real estate fees, or living in the middle of a construction zone! We make it easy to sell your house with repairs quickly so you can move on with your life! Get an offer that is all cash, absolutely free, hassle-free without any obligation. Just fill in our GET YOUR CASH OFFER NOW form or give us a call at (904) 201-9881.

Step One-
Contact Us- Call Jax Nurses Buy Houses at (904) 201-9881 or fill in our Get My Fair Cash Offer Now form. Our team collects info about your home and condition to make our highest and best offer.

Step Two-
Get our Highest & Best, CASH Offer! We make an honest, transparent cash offer. No obligation, free, AS-IS offer based on comps. No mortgage or appraisal contingency.

Step Three-
Close On Your Time, you pick the closing date! Collect your cash in days, not months. No realtor commission, no open houses, and no repairs! Find out about our “super-easy” closing process.

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Still Considering Selling Your Jacksonville Home in Need of Repairs ?

We have helped countless homeowners sell their homes needing repair in Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas. Know that we are Nurses and We help people in difficult situations. From the moment you decide to speak with us you will experience cash home buyers that are honest, transparent, experienced, and trustworthy.

If you have questions about selling your house needing repair or are looking to receive a free and fair cash offer, give us a call at 904-201-9881 or click the get my cash offer now below. Jax Nurses Buy Houses guarantees a cash offer without repairs or realtor commissions, where you select the date of closing and is fast and hassle-free.

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